Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Basketball

This is one of basic topics of betting on basketball. Today we’ll go through the very interesting topic of parlays and teasers. Often called exotic bets, these 2 types of wagers come down to gamblers predicting correctly the outcome of at least two games.

Parlays are the more popular of the two. They offer a great pay out while requiring a small wager. Here you bet on 2 or more totals for example, and you must be right for all of them. If you place a 5-team parlay, ending with 4 – 1 is the same as 0 – 5. All of your bets must be winning or at least end with a tie, for you to profit.

With parlays you can bet using money line wagers, totals or against point spreads. The money you can get in the end depends on the type of bets you placed. With totals and point spreads the amount of money you can win is fixed, whereas with money line wagers it depends on the odds each team has been assigned.

Teasers are similar to parlay in that you bet on 2 or more games, and you must have chosen the correct outcome for all of them to win your bet – even only one mistake will cost you your wager. The big difference between the two exotic bets comes in the fact that with teasers you can adjust the point spread any way you like. If the Boston Celtics are favoured by 8 points by the New Orleans Pelicans, you can move the point spread for example as such:
Boston Celtics – 6
New Orleans Pelicans +20

You see that the spread has been moved by 4 points – it can be moved by either that, 4.5 or 5 points.
Ties in teasers most often count as a loss for the bettor, so keep that in mind when placing such a bet.

In most countries you have three basic choices of betting on a game – bet on the home team to win, bet on the away team to win or bet on the game ending in a draw (tie). However, football betting is different from betting anywhere else in the world. The bookmakers eliminate the draw, meaning there are only two choices to bet on in a soccer game. The bookmakers eliminate the draw by giving the favourite team a handicap.

Hopefully, all the information we gathered for you will be helpful and you’ll be better when betting on basketball. Good luck!