Avoid Bad Series – The Only Way to Betting Success

Winning from sports betting is what we all strive for, when we gamble on sports matches. However, to achieve such thing is probably one of the hardest things that can be accomplished, and this is how the betting companies make money. It’s just that the bookmakers’ margin is too big to overcome. Betting companies’ statistics show that 95 percent of the bettors lose in the long run.

How to change this? The obvious answer is simple – make better predictions and it will lead you to longer-term betting profits. However, this proves to be a difficult task, not to say impossible. The problem is, sooner or later, each player falls into a series of losing bets that causes the bettor to lose money.

The above sentence shows what are the possible solutions of the problem, which could be summarize into two betting strategies. The first one is to play for a big win, hoping that at least once in many will be a winner that will bring us profits for many months to come. This is the so-called casino approach. The problem with this betting approach is that casino games have bonuses, some of which are really huge and will allow you to make good money from casino games. There are no such bonuses in sports betting, or at least not in such sizes.

If the latter doesn’t give us good opportunities, then there is another betting strategy with which to avoid the losing series and this is the financial discipline. Generally, this approach requires bettors to play only when making good predictions. How to do this? It is also very simple as a rule, but very difficult to implement. All we have to do is stop playing at the moment we see the first signs of a losing series.

For example, every day we can put a limit of loses, which if we pass to stop playing for a certain period of time. It is also possible to continue monitoring the matches afterwards, but to bet on paper. Only when we become convinced that our betting predictions are profitable again, we do start betting once again with real money. The difficulty in this approach lies in the belief that this is the right path. It will often happen that the moment we stop playing with real money, we get winning betting predictions, or in other words, we lose profits. However, it is important to look far ahead and be as cautious as possible.

This is the way we can be sure that our betting bank is safe and we can win in the long term.